We only use and recommend oils authorized by Mercedes Benz of North America. For our customers with older Mercedes, we recommend oils with high zinc content and low detergent content to save wear and tear on the older engines.
FOR SERVICE A (As per Mercedes Benz of North America): Inspect battery, check and correct fluid, Inspect brake fluid, level and color, Check brake rotors and hoses; inspect lines and hoses for wear and/or damage, Check cooling system for antifreeze and corrosion protection, Check lines and hoses for leaks and chafing, Check and lubricate hood hinges, Check horn, head lamp flasher, hazards, turn signals, illumination and interior lamps, exterior lighting, trunk/cargo and head lamps, Check seat belts for damage and proper function, Inspect tires for damage and condition, Correct tire pressure, including spare and verify tread depth, Inspect and top off all fluids, Check wiper and washer system, Replace engine oil and oil filter, Reset service reminder indicator. FOR SERVICE B (As per Mercedes Benz of North America): Service B always includes Service A, with additional items added based on the current mileage of your vehicle. These items are 100% dependent on the mileage of your car at the time of the service; therefore no two Service Bs on your car will be the same. We’re happy to give an estimate of the full cost for Service B once we have the year, model, and current mileage of your Mercedes Benz.
For electrical and electronic components, we use only Mercedes-Benz factory parts. We use OEM rebuilt products, when available, which are typically less expensive than aftermarket prices. We have readily available access to aftermarket parts if you do not wish to use OEM parts for your repairs or if you are on a budget. Additionally, some service items and body parts are only available aftermarket.
At this time, Mercedes Connexion accepts payment via check, cash, Visa, and MasterCard.
We can and will offer a loaner vehicle when a loaner vehicle is available.
Usually, the turnaround time is one day. If other items are found upon inspection, which are necessary for the well-being of the vehicle and the customer agrees to the additional repairs, it may take an additional day (two days in total).
Mercedes Connexion is open on Saturdays by appointment only.
Yes, we can source hard-to-find parts; it’s one of our specialties. A high percentage of our clients cars are pre-1970s era.
Yes, and at no charge, we will also give you advice and tips on how to properly maintain your Mercedes Benz.
Absolutely! But please give us the chance to match any prices you find. Any parts not provided by Mercedes Connexion will not be covered under our limited warranty. If a customer provided part breaks or malfunctions in any way, the customer must go back to the original source of the part to take care of the warranty claim there.
Yes, all parts and labor have a limited 90-day or 5,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first, with the exception of OEM Mercedes-Benz parts, which come with a 2-year warranty.

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